Friday, December 17, 2010

and I'd like to have some opinions on what I should do in 2011

with the poll section. I'm considering extending the length of how long I keep the poll open to 2 months, from the existing 1 month. Please vote now, on what your preference should be(whether I should keep the length of each poll at 1 month and not change it, or if you like this idea). Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, and sorry for how much I've stunk updating this since October. I hope to be totally caught up and be very active again with posts here, before the start of 2011.

Regular polls should return by February, knock on wood. I just want to see how much regular readers here like this idea, before I decide on either proceeding or not proceeding with this idea. I might do some other minor changes too, such as(once I settle on something that isn't bad!) changing the look of this blog from the current black/white look.


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