Saturday, February 5, 2011

UCLA's college newspaper editorializes against campus smoking bans, plus 2 people speak out against Bloomberg's park/beach/pdstrn. plaza ban

Still hoping as this new year proceeds, I can get back in the groove of regularly updating this blog again ever so often, even if not each week.

Anyway, for anyone who missed this story(and probably not many), the NYC city council selfishly passed a total park smoking ban for something like 1700 parks and beaches in New York City, and for pedestrian plazas like Times Square. No question to me that this will be impossible to enforce citywide, and that the city will waste so much money installing unnecessary 'no smoking' signs citywide, for a law that's not needed to begin with. Do the 36 fools who voted for this ban really expect this will be successfully enforced at ALL NYC parks? Not to mention, the 36 council members on NYC's council should apologize and confess this isn't about health, but just another sneaky way to collect fine revenue from smokers visiting NYC? No question it is that, just like how many cities and suburbs install red-light cameras as a way to collect revenue from unsuspecting drivers who aren't aware of where they are placed..... (Whoopi Goldberg speaks out against the NYC park ban, on The View) (radio talk show host Allen Hunt speaks out against ban) (this is his regular show's site, though you can only listen to his clip speaking out against this ban on Youtube, as of currently)

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