Sunday, March 6, 2011

if IL lawmakers gave any crap about property rights, they SHOULD pass both bills immediately

Just caught this press release from the IPCPR, and I couldn't agree more. I think I will try to write an encouraging letter, to encourage lawmakers to favor the side of property rights, and pass both bills immediately. And if you live in Illinois, please do ask them to support House Bill 171(to allow for segregated smoking areas in casinos) and House Bill 1310(allowing local liquor commissions to grant smoking licenses to bars and other adult-oriented businesses that get 10% or less revenue from food sales).

I would personally prefer that both age-restricted adult venues like bars have no food requirement imposed on whether they can permit smoking(a la Idaho, Louisiana, and the city of Saint Louis, where there is NO limit on how much food they can serve if they choose to be a smoking establishment), but I would totally accept this as is, considering how damaged (formerly) smoker-friendly businesses throughout the state have been in the 3 years Illinois' smoking ban has been in effect. And it has taken FAR too long for the ball to start rolling on finally addressing this issue.

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