Sunday, March 6, 2011

this guy really overreacted in an inappropriate way to smoking inside a bar enforcing IL's state ban

Just caught this article on the Smokers Club forum for Illinois, and it makes me extremely annoyed someone would act this way. This is a bar in Naperville, where it happened.

The press ridiculously stereotypes smokers and any issue related to smoking, and I can't help but fear this'll make them try the tired stereotyping more. I'm actually surprised nobody has come up with a drinking game, for every single time some TV news program, or commercial exaggerates the lies on SHS, and other dubious claims from anti-smoking groups. That would make a hell of a drinking game!

Well anyway, joking aside, here's the article:


  1. Smokers are tired of getting pushed around. Unfortunately as with all groups, some are unstable. here is another one.

    A HOMELESS man allegedly stabbed a Manhattan subway passenger in the head with a pen after she angrily snatched away his cigarette lighter today.

  2. Indeed, I read about that incident on the NYC subway. Personally, it never fails to amaze me how anti-smoking the media is, and focus so much attention on unstable individuals who smoke, to the point that it paints a false stereotype that those who smoke are poor, mentally unstable, etc. Sure a few are, but there's no doubt that the vast majority are NOT that way whatsoever.