Friday, October 28, 2011

yay, I love hearing IL dept. of health is giving out grant money....

to enforce a certain draconian law that there's no doubt in my mind is wrong(not to forget is NOTHING other than just junk science, if you truly look at the extremely shaky claims and 'studies' that anti groups use to justify these unnecessary bans time and time again), aka Illinois' 31/2(and counting) year old smoking ban. OMFG, what sane resident of Illinois(that darn well knows smoking should've been left as a choice in adult-only businesses) did NOT know that insane amounts of money was going to be wasted, enforcing this unnecessary law?

It's way beyond time to let adult-only businesses post clear exterior signage of their smoking policy, and let intelligent adults decide on their own if they want to patronize adult-only establishment(s) permitting smoking or not. As I've said I believe many times before in the past, Illinois would do well revising their ban and model it off of the smoking ordinance in effect in Indianapolis-Marion County, which lets all businesses that restrict minors from entry or employment decide their smoking policy on their own. And egads, I regularly read Indy articles, and know A LOT of adult businesses that could permit smoking if they wanted to, do NOT allow it inside whatsoever, due to free market demand shifting towards a higher number of no-smoking bars, clubs, adult-only restaurants, etc.

Northern Kentucky Choice has cited this(uncollected smoking ban fines, and the waste of money Ohio has spent on enforcing their state smoking ban) as a huge reason they fought the 3-county smoking ban proposal slightly over a year ago, and except in Kenton County(where only a partial ban passed), they won in 3 out of 4 counties Northern Kentucky Action was seeking a ban(it is not well-known, but they were seeking one in Grant County as well, south of Kenton and Boone County). Grant County opted out of consideration for a smoking ban first, then Boone County pulled out not long after that(much thanks to the heroic fiscal court members who fought it, like Cathy Flaig), and Campbell County initially passed one. Thankfully, they(Campbell's fiscal court) repealed a passed comprehensive smoking ban that would've only hurt Campbell businesses in early 2011, had it remained in effect.

It is beyond time for Illinois lawmakers to repeal the state smoking ban, and continue the work they(Illinois' legislature) started this year, when the Illinois House passed a law repealing the smoking ban in casinos with 62 members in support. Hopefully, more state legislative members get on board in each successive year, till it one day becomes law. (the next version should exempt ANY business that doesn't admit or employ minors inside, and not only casinos)

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