Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan proves what we knew all along...

Yep, that smoking bans greatly hurt the business of the few catering to smokers. And gosh, why would a dumb ALA lobbyist like Shelly Kiser give a crap if a very limited number of businesses want to cater to smokers. There already were a LOT of bars and restaurants that voluntarily went 100% no smoking indoors to cater to customer demand before Michigan's ban in May 2010, shouldn't that have been more than sufficient to the lunatic anti-smokers? Just feel bad it took me longer than I wanted to to repost this article here(found it on NKY Choice's facebook group), but better late than never.

I know in Indianapolis-Marion County(where a ban was passed exempting just businesses that are 18 and over at all hours of operation, and applies everywhere but like 3-4 independent communities within Marion County, IN, and at least 2 of them chose to pass bans that exempted bars), Save Indiana Bars(formerly Save Indianapolis Bars) already proved in a study that JUST 1% of all types of businesses throughout that county still allowed smoking, with many adult-only businesses banning it on their own in the last few years! Same thing has been occurring in the Northern Kentucky area(just south of Cincinnati), where NKY Choice found that over 2/3rds of restaurants and other businesses banned smoking on their own, WITHOUT any government-mandated ban necessary. That percentage must be closer to 75% by now, if NKY Choice hasn't already updated the study they posted on their site, and onto Twitter and Youtube. I need to check their site again, to see if they've done a new survey on this since. And for the record, Campbell County repealed a total ban their fiscal court passed, and Kenton's fiscal court only passed a partial ban exempting adult-only businesses, and 'split shift' businesses that allow smoking only during certain hours. It's too bad Kenton hasn't repealed their ban, since I know it greatly hurt the business of one bowling alley not too far away from Boone County and Florence, KY.

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