Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 comment responses I just posted on San Angelo smoking ban articles

First one I posted was from the article Smoke-Free San Angelo plans fundraising rally:

in response to Gunner1:

Because your decision would affect the public health. Dah. "we should sit out side", if you were law enforcement, you would know that as entrapment. Because someones opinion does not fancy you, you refer to them as "silly little people" how mature of you. If you own a public bussiness. You should manage it proffessionaly. For example If you own a bar, you would not allow your employees to drink on the job nor would you drink and drive.

That's a horrible analogy to use, Gunner, and you should be very ashamed for saying that. Last time I checked, there has NEVER been one death certificate that has been issued due to secondhand smoke(SHS) exposure, and also normal levels of SHS inside businesses permitting smoking have been proven to be THOUSANDS of times safer than Occupational Safety and Health Administration's(OSHA) indoor air quality standards. Also, well renowned anti-smoking activist John Banzhaf's fraudulent agenda was exposed 12 years ago, when his organization Action on Smoking and Health(ASH) filed a lawsuit against OSHA due to his organization's selfish desire for them to issue a national rule that would've banned smoking in all private businesses(even including bars, private clubs, and casinos) nationwide. OSHA's response was that they would've issued a rule that only would require businesses to meet a minimal indoor air quality standard(and like what OSHA's indoor air quality standards still are today, which are thousands of times safer than any regular level of SHS inside a private business would measure).

Also, repeated junk science 'studies' claiming smoking bans(such as the infamous claims from anti-smoking groups that bans reduced heart attack rates in places like Helena, MT, and Pueblo, CO) reduce heart attacks are nothing more than a big joke:

Believe me when I say it is real all the damages smoking bans will cause to private businesses, as I've lived in both individual communities and states under comprehensive smoking bans, and I've seen the damage they can do to businesses that cater to smokers. Smoking bans are fine in truly public spaces(i.e. government buildings, public transit vehicles, etc.), but are NOT warranted whatsoever for private businesses. Especially when anyone against smoking already has the power to vote with their wallet against the already limited number of smoker-friendly businesses that remain, if its smoking policy bothers one so much. See through the lies that Smoke-Free San Angelo is inevitably already saying right now in regards to smoking bans and SHS, and please vote NO on Proposition #1.

Original article:

Second comment I made, from the article OUR OPINION: For our health, we should ban public smoking(and I'm very disappointed and upset at the San Angelo Standard-Times for endorsing such a selfish smoking ban. although papers like the Indy Star, Chicago Tribune, and Columbia, SC's newspaper The State still take the cake, when it comes to newspapers that have written the most disgusting anti-smoking 'editorials' I've ever read):

in response to ilovesanangelo:

If the ordinance does pass, smokers will still go to bars & restaurants just like non smokers go to bars & restaurants right now. It's really not that big of a deal. This is coming from an actuall business owner who will be affected by the ordinance. No need to stand up for my rights. I got it under control. Speak for yourself... not for me.

Well written editorial. Not sure which way I will vote for sure. But I do appreciate the ST opinion.

I hate to say this, but as someone who's lived in multiple communities with local smoking bans, and currently living in one with a comprehensive ban including bars, casinos, and private clubs, that's not true for all businesses. Many mom-and-pop businesses have no choice but to ignore my state's(Illinois) smoking ban, just to stay in business. Not every business has room to build an outdoor patio, so that they can accommodate smokers they used to be able to accommodate throughout their establishment(if that owner had such a smoking policy), or in a designated area(usually by the bar area only, which I still think is a sufficient compromise that respects the rights of non-smokers).

If you don't believe me how much a state ban can affect independently owned(non-chain) businesses, please go check Smoke Choke Ohio out and see how many businesses have been reported on that state's website that continue to ignore Ohio's smoking ban to this day:

Even though I'm not a San Angelo resident, I very strongly agree with the goal of Speak Out San Angelo to create an updated and fair San Angelo smoking ordinance that respects the rights of all private businesses, smokers, and non-smokers. Vote NO on Proposition #1.

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