Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Laramie County, Wyoming won't pursue countywide smoking ban, plus article on Natroma County, WY

It's great to still see occasional defeats like this for once. Too bad this one seems to be more on a technicality, due to the fact Teton County's Board of Health rammed through a total smoking ban(despite the fact that ONLY one bar in that entire county permitted smoking!), and that one bar is currently challenging the Teton County BoH in a state court case. :)

Just for the record, the city of Laramie, Wyoming is NOT within Laramie County. Laramie County does contain the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, which has had a citywide comprehensive smoking ban including bars in effect since August 2006.

http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2010/10/11/news/19local_10-11-10.txt (includes a decent comments section)

Turns out when I did a little more digging for Wyoming articles, I suddenly noticed the Casper-Natroma County Board of Health is now looking into this idea, all because Laramie County's Board of Health brought up this issue. Bastards.....

http://trib.com/news/local/article_8d687493-ffba-5629-bb25-62e9350173ba.html (includes very lengthy comments section)

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