Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Galveston council votes to keep ban changes

I'm glad the Galveston, TX city council members that had the balls to amend the smoking ban to exempt restaurant and bar outdoor patios, and inside bars and nightclubs(ALL of these were covered in the original ban that took effect in January 2010, before new amendments that weakened the ban to be fairer took effect earlier this month) held their ground, when Mayor Joe Jaworski tried to bully Galveston's city council to restore the stricter smoking ban that killed bar and nightclub business throughout that city, and was ignored by virtually all restaurants that had outdoor patios(and according to at least 2 online reports I read, I unfortunately can't remember the links to the original articles that stated this anymore). His attempt failed big time, with only councilmember Elizabeth Beeton supporting his pathetic proposal.

The only difference between Mayor Jaworski's failed(thankfully) proposal, versus the original Galveston ban that took effect January 2010, is that there would've only been an exemption for any restaurant and bar outdoor patio, plus there would've been a 5 foot smoke-free radius away from any door or window that wasn't part of a patio area. Congrats to the 4 Galveston councilmembers(Dianna Puccetti, Chris Gonzales, Steve Greenberg and Rusty Legg) for saying no to Mayor Jaworski's selfish proposal!


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