Sunday, August 15, 2010

final poll results for my July/August question

The question was, How long do you think till the first wave of smoking bans worldwide begin to be amended and/or repealed? I'll admit I only did one vote to this poll, that repeals would start to occur within 1-2 years(but I'll note I changed my vote from my initial one thinking they'd happen within 3-5 years).

Just hope the participation in these polls start to slowly increase over time, but special thanks to the 6 visitors to my blog who did participate in the poll! I will have a new poll up within the next few days, just haven't decided when I will officially submit the new poll and open it up to voting. Anyway:

There will start to be a wave of smoking ban repeals and/or amendments in 2011 and 2012. 5 (71%)
In the next few years(3-5 years). 2 (28%)
It'll be 5-10 years, before any massive waves of amending and/or repeals begin. 0 (0%)
The fight against smoking bans and tobacco prohibition will be a very tough one that lasts a long while, and gains no real momentum till the 2020s. 0(0%)
People will continue to buy the insane lies of anti-smokers, to the point that very few(if any) will be repealed or amended, and tobacco prohibition surpasses alcohol prohibition. It's all but completely hopeless to fight back against anti-smokers. 0(0%)

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