Friday, August 20, 2010

new Gallup poll: just 31% of Americans favor complete smoking bans including bars

And anti groups who do drives to collect enough signatures to get comprehensive smoking ban proposals onto general election ballots throughout the country still wonder why they often fail? Duh, it's because they don't give any leeway to privately-owned adult-only establishments that prohibit minors from entering or being employed in the first place the call they deserve to permit or ban smoking in their establishments. Just look at Amarillo, TX, and Kenosha, WI in 2008 as among many examples of past voter referendums where total bans failed EXACTLY due to this reason. (can't forget Kenosha also failed, since restaurants with 50% or more food sales that invested money to build ventilated smoking rooms to comply with an older 2000 ban wouldn't have been allowed to continue allowing smoking in those rooms)

And although Brentwood, MO's council was recently foolish enough to pass a ban, I wouldn't be surprised if the council members who voted in favor get voted out very soon in the next election, and/or a ballot drive to ease their smoking ban to mirror the Saint Louis County ban occurs. Anyway, here's the Gallup poll I'm referring to:


  1. Exemptions are not to be tolerated. Here's their instruction book.

  2. Yep, isn't that the fregging truth what antis everywhere always try to do? Of course, they'll later come for banning smoking in outdoor patios as well.

    And just look at Maine, they banned smoking in all outdoor restaurant and bar patios as of last year. BTW thanks for posting here generalsn, your post spurred me to do a google search, and I found a great article that I now will post here, as a result.