Friday, August 27, 2010

2 cigarette tax hikes in Europe backfire, plus how one Bulgarian city selfishly hurting their businesses w/total ban

I hardly am surprised to hear in 2 eastern European countries, cigarette tax hikes already have spurred a major shift toward black market sales. Bulgaria had a cigarette sales drop of 33%, according to their customs office. It also says towards the end of the article, that Romania both increased their cigarette tax, and their value-added tax. And speaking of the subject of a VAT, I certainly hope our country never adopts such a tax, since I have heard rumblings that it might be proposed in Congress in the future.... (article also mentions how one town(Kyustendil), in Bulgaria stupidly kept the ban when the rest of the country went along with the smoking ban repeal, and how it's hurt bars, cafes, and restaurants in that town)

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