Tuesday, August 17, 2010

yay, once again found this very classic radio show clip, from the Kenosha, WI 2008 smoking ban debate

Vicki McKenna did a great smackdown of Smoke Free Wisconsin, and the anti group 'Breathe Free Kenosha'(the anti coalition who back in 2008, was pushing for the Kenosha City Council to expand their limited ban beyond restaurants with 50% or more food sales(unless they built a ventilated smoking room), to close all exemptions in their limited smoking ban) back in 2008, and was even linked from a post from the former Ban the Ban Wisconsin blog. (R.I.P. to that blog, as I was a regular poster on it!)

Anyway, enjoy this clip, in case you've never heard the pleasure of listening to McKenna's great rant against smoking bans in general, originally broadcast on Milwaukee AM radio station Milwaukee News/Talk 1130:

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