Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Kentucky Tonight' TV debate on NKY regional ban proposal

Just watched this earlier tonight, and it was quite interesting, particularly the 2 on the side of property rights(NKY Choice leader and blogger Ken Moellman, and Boone County Commissioner Cathy Flaig). Kenton County Commissioner Kris Knochelmann(just as disappointing as soon-to-retire Kenton Judge-Executive Ralph Drees, the biggest proponent of the NKY ban proposal by far) and NKY Action grassroots coordinator + head of American Lung Association of Kentucky, Betsy Berns Janes, represent the anti-smoking side, not surprisingly.

Commissioner Knochelmann makes the claim in this debate that Kenton and Campbell Fiscal Courts will likely vote on the NKY ban proposal within 60-90 days(depending if minute differences between what some favor in these talks get resolved), despite that the Boone Fiscal Court pulled out of the talks in late July. And never mind that the same rhetoric back around May and June was also being said about when such a vote would happen! I guess we'll see what happens, within the next few months.

Enjoy(go down to 'links' on this page, and 'watch this program online'):

And of course, the latest draft version of this NKY ordinance that was leaked in early August(as a Microsoft Word document):

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