Sunday, August 15, 2010

kinda surprising newspaper editorial: an M.D. proposes tactics similar shaming smokers should be used to fight obesity

Is it really any wonder anymore why Dr. Michael Siegal got sick of the anti-smoking movement years ago, and now has a regular blog exposing how fraudulent each of their claims relating to the supposed benefits of smoking bans(when in reality, bans do nothing except piss off freedom-minded non-smokers and smokers, and trample over the livelihood of entrepreneurs and patrons to gather in establishments that permit smoking in some way)? This doc is advocating in an editorial to the Hartford Courant that the same tactics used in the anti-smoking movement also be used to fight obesity. I'm sorry, but I all but cannot agree with this editorial. Such taxes(i.e. soda taxes) will only further irritate people on the side of freedom who fight these unnecessary laws regulating habits people have that may be deemed as 'unhealthy, and that one should be greatly discouraged at any cost from doing'. I'm so greatly sick of people with the mindset of wanting to control how others live.

I'll reluctantly give this doc, Dennis Gottfried, credit that he dedicated a whole paragraph in the middle of this article to mentioning a 2003 British Medical Journal study that stated secondhand smoke is an irritant, but not life-threatening. Bravo to you for mentioning this study, Dr. Gottfried, although the thought of the term 'second hand eating' is still a little frightening and weird to me, considering how sick to death I am of the term 'second hand smoke'.

Well, I'll stop typing any further, and allow you to read this editorial from Dr. Dennis Gottfried for yourself. It's definitely one of the stranger editorials I've read in awhile, and the more I think about his editorial, the more I must say: screw him!,0,1621099.story

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