Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bloomberg(erm, Gloomturd) seeking expand NYC's '03 smoking ban to outdoor parks/beaches, marinas, boardwalks, + pedestrian plazas like Times Square

Haha, I'd love to see the NYPD 100% successfully enforce a ban in BOTH ALL AREAS of Central Park and the outdoor (and now car-free, thanks to Gloomturd, and saw this change in summer 2009 myself) pedestrian plaza of Times Square. Both places are so big outside(trust me, I visited both places on my trip there last summer, along w/some smoker-friendly places like the tobacco bar Circa Tabac, one of the ONLY indoor businesses totally exempted, and grandfathered in, by the 2003 city ban), that it'd be all but impossible to enforce an outdoor ban everywhere. I did not get around to visiting the Coney Island boardwalk, but from the few online pics I've seen of it, that's another great place where it'd be nearly impossible to enforce a complete outdoor ban.

Boy, do I really hope enough city council members show some backbone, and oppose this proposal being pushed by both Gloomturd and the primary person who introduced this bill, City Councilwoman Gail Brower. There are a few other council members who have also signed on as co-sponsors besides Brower, but I'm not sure of all the names ATM. (will post everyone's name on the NYC council later, once I find out who they all currently are) For now, this proposal doesn't include banning outdoor smoking on regular sidewalks outside of pedestrian plazas like Times Square, or for any restaurants and bars that allow smoking on an outdoor patio. Doesn't change outdoor smoking restrictions for private businesses, private organizations like college campuses(mostly thinking here about the fact Iowa and Arkansas BOTH at least do impose some sort of statewide outdoor campus smoking ban for either all public colleges, or also include private colleges in such a law(like Iowa does)), or for any other private business or organization within NYC. (I'm gonna take a wild guess just from reading this article, that NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is one of the co-sponsors to Brower's insane bill to ban outdoor smoking) (lmao, Gloomturd can't even say names correctly of those he's appointed to lead other city departments :) )

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