Sunday, September 26, 2010

Galveston, TX finally reverses their ban for bars, and becomes the 2nd Texas city to restore freedom of choice in 2010

It's way past time that more cities with total bans including bars should reverse them, and good to see at least another Texas city had the balls to ease a smoking ban that formerly applied to bars. This is the 2nd city in Texas in 2010 to make this decision, after Conroe, TX(north of Houston) did so earlier this year. Although the ban inside restaurants and workplaces will remain in effect after October 13th, the provision that banned smoking 15 feet from a door was revised to just 5 feet, and alcohol consumption is once again allowed in tobacco shops, along with indoor smoking in bars and clubs, if such a owner wishes to permit it. Galveston previously had one of THE most restrictive smoking bans in Texas, and their ban briefly was even more restrictive and prohibited smoking in tobacco shops, before a December 2009 smoking ban amendment passed. (but then still prohibiting alcohol consumption in such places) Up until this revision passed, smoking in all restaurants and bar patios was technically banned, although it was NEVER enforced, as witnessed by anyone who's ever watched the webcam for the restaurant The Spot. (and can be viewed at )

Almost forgot to say Pasadena, TX(an east suburb of Houston) did a similar ban reversal for deciding to remove bars from their smoking ban, which occurred 2-3 years ago. Bravo to Galveston's city council, and yay for the fact it overrode Mayor Jaworski's veto!

Two additional articles I just found: (and wow, did Michael McFadden seriously own the idiot antis that commented in that comments section, up to 62 at the time I saw it)

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