Friday, September 17, 2010

West Hollywood, CA outdoor ban proposal, looks like the final version will be modeled after LA's ordinance

But I did find the debate in West Hollywood, CA on an outdoor smoking ban interesting, since it must be one of the very few communities in the LA area that hasn't fallen to the outdoor smoking ban nonsense that's spread everywhere in that state. I have a bad feeling they probably will fall to some sort of outdoor smoking ban anyway, since I recall reading(believe in the first article below) that 4 of 5 city council members(and including their mayor, not surprisingly) had stated they were in favor of some sort of outdoor ban for places serving food. (meaning the restaurants would be screwed over, if they wanted to permit smoking anywhere outside) Plus, one of the articles said that 'West Hollywood had made a commitment to mirror whatever outdoor smoking restrictions LA passes, blah blah blah.'

The very first article definitely had this quote in it, interestingly admitting the outdoor ban was NOT about health, from the former West Hollywood mayor:
"So too, the author of the ordinance, then-Mayor Abbe Land, candidly acknowledged the nanny state accusations’ veracity. “This is about changing peoples’ behavior,” said Ms. Land.

“Part of this is to encourage people not to smoke. That’s the goal, not to find a billion places for smokers to be.
Candidly, I would that we didn’t have smoking in the outdoor areas of nightclubs and bars,” said Abbe Land."

This is the best article to read, and it totally debunks outdoor bans. Plus, it states why the Athens-Clarke County, GA government(and where my aunt and uncle happen to live) wisely rejected an outdoor patio smoking ban in late 2009(although they shouldn't have banned smoking in bars there in the first place 5 years ago!):

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