Monday, September 20, 2010

Creve Coeur now wants to stupidly copy Brentwood's bar ban, plus (YAWN) new St. Charles County ACS poll

So, I just saw a new article that shows yet another Councilwoman(Beth Kistner) in Creve Coeur wants to copy off Clayton, Kirkwood, and Brentwood's jumping off of the cliff, and throw Creve Coeur bars over the cliff as well. Isn't it time for businesses and residents to demand that their city councils quit touching this issue, and truly solve real problems other than smoking instead? After all, if people didn't want some establishments(even restaurants) to have smoking, they'd have banned smoking on their own accord by now. The western part(aka 'West County') portion of Saint Louis County must be full as heck with anti-smoking supporters(and probably is like Chicago's North Shore suburbs), if communities from Ballwin all the way east to Clayton have unnecessarily passed these draconian laws, killing the business of any place that used to legally be able to cater to smokers. :(

And Creve Coeur's mayor(Harold Dielmann) is willing to go along with this nonsense, despite that ALREADY, 70% of restaurants in Creve Coeur are non-smoking on their own accord? He states that he's okay with a citywide ban even including the lone CC bar exempt by the Saint Louis County ban (EDIT) yet to take effect in January 2011, as long as restaurant and bar patios are exempt. Screw Mayor Dielmann, politicians truly need to learn to listen to the people, or they will see the revenge of karma turning against them, and get voted out by voters fed up by anti-smoking nonsense. And they really should turn against these municipal politicians, whenever they come up for reelection.

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