Saturday, September 4, 2010

one more city buys the deceptive lies of antis, and sadly bans bar smoking(Savannah)

Savannah, GA unfortunately passed a bar smoking ban last week on a 4-2 vote, with the mayor also obviously supporting it as well. It's hard to believe a city like Savannah would want to do this to its bars, when already more than likely, at least a few had to be already voluntarily non-smoking. Least there's New Orleans, which thankfully hasn't fallen to this bar smoking ban madness yet. (and also Louisiana's Legislature has smartly rejected 2 bar and casino state ban proposals in the last 2 years)

It isn't lost on me either that libertarian groups protested Savannah passing an ordinance last fall requiring bartenders to be licensed and pay a fee to get a license, and after reading about that passing, it disgusted me a lot. I'll edit this post later and add links to one or more articles(based on what I can find) that that talks about Savannah's bartending ordinance, later. (very good comments section, up to more than 80 comments) (the queen nanny of Healthy Savannah, Amy Hughes, disgustingly and pathetically justifies the 'good' smoking bans do)

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