Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ohio antis now want OH's state cig tax($1.25 a pack, $12.50 a carton) doubled

Their new comments are interesting, since I recall back in spring of this year, they were running their mouths on how the state cig tax should be raised a dollar. Now they want Ohio state to double the state cig tax, once the 2011 Ohio legislative session starts? State lawmakers there would be wise to look at Michigan, where cigarette sales HEAVILY plunged after Gov. Jennifer Granholm, and anti-smoking lawmakers got their state cig tax raised years ago from $1.25 to $2 a pack. Do they really want tons of bootlegging to start flooding that state from all directions?

Excluding Pennsylvania, they already have a higher state cigarette tax than all surrounding states. They WILL BE HIGHER than all surrounding states, including Pennsylvania, if this foolish proposal were to pass. Man, I already see bootleggers heavily targeting Cincinnati, since it's surrounded by both smoker-friendly(greatly, versus Ohio) Indiana and Kentucky. (lol, this includes a poll on if you favor or oppose such a state cig tax increase, and already has a lengthy comment section) (decent comment section, as well) (this is more an example of a pathetic article than anything, but a great example of how crappy some media outlets are. there's a 5 second attached video, where the only guy interviewed(yes!) is a non-smoker who spoke in favor of doubling the state tax)

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