Friday, September 17, 2010

NY State Senate Health Committee considering anti-smoking agenda expansion w/11 items, hearing next week in NYC on Thu. 9/23

Here's an exert, from a longer letter posted on's message board:

It seems to me that New York is trying to become the anti-smoking leader in the USA. I received yesterday and email from the New York Tobacconist Association about a meeting the New York State Senate Health Committee holding a public hearing on September 23 at 10 AM taking place 250 Broadway, 19th Fl., New York City. The Committee will meet to learn how the state’s regulation of smoking and tobacco products works to improve the health of all New Yorkers and any actions needed for continued benefits.
On the table are the following items:

1. Smoking on playgrounds during the day when children under 12 present but prevents fine-able/jail enforcement
2. Smoking on train platforms
3. Smoking near playgrounds
4. Smoking in cars with someone under 14
5. Raises age 18 to 19 for tobacco statewide
6. Sale of e-cigarettes to minors
7. Definition of e-cigarettes
8. Prohibition of tobacco sales in pharmacies
9. Prohibition of tobacco vending machines 350 feet from schools/places of worship
10. Statewide flavor ban bills with the fines and complaint system in place (Paulin bill)
11. Manufacturer reports to DoH

Full letter is readable below. And oh my gosh, if I lived in NY state at all(or heck, even New Jersey or Connecticut), I'd so go to this Senate Health Committee and try and speak. I'd so love to know which NY State Senate members(and ditto w/anyone in the state chapter of the ACS, ALA, etc. who's involved with pushing this s*** as well) behind proposing all these worser than craptacular proposals! The most annoying proposals by far of these 11 proposals are #2(I'll assume this proposed statewide outdoor ban would include outside areas of train platforms, even at tens and tens of feet away from the main station house), #5(this violates the personal rights of anyone who's hit the legal age of 18 to purchase and smoke a legal product(cigarettes). my guess is that this was proposed to copy off New Jersey, as they already require customers to be at least 19 to purchase cigarettes and all other tobacco products.), #6 + 7(although I wouldn't oppose restricting their sale to 18 and up, just like regular cigarettes), #8(like 5, this violates the personal rights of pharmacies to sell cigarettes if they want, since any pharmacy owner already has the power to NOT sell cigarettes, if the owner has such an objection to smoking), and #10 and #11.

Please attend and try to sign up to speak, if you live in the Northeast, and are able to attend it:

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