Friday, July 23, 2010

CRA's call to fight back against Healthy Savannah's SELFISH proposal for an Athens, GA-style ban in all places

What's even more disgusting is that Savannah's mayor(Otis Johnson) is backing this idiotic proposal to ban smoking in all places, DESPITE that many businesses had no close but to close down in other places under comprehensive smoking bans. Kudos to Cigar Rights of America for trying to rally opposition against this comprehensive ban proposal, and I will try to find some brief time to write all councilmen and the mayor to urge them to oppose this ban, tweaking and editing a comment I wrote to a San Antonio smoking ban article(and the same article comment I shared here in either the 2nd or 3rd post here). I'm gonna try my best to write a letter in opposition to this proposed ban, if I can.

And finally I see the typical self-centered and whiny ban supporter making the comment "awwww, the state/hometown I came from had a ban, why can't choice be taken away from businesses in the new place I now live in as well, despite that deep down, I won't start patronizing all those additional non-smoking businesses that didn't want a total ban?" Here's the quote:

"Bartender Sarah Sorenson would welcome the change. She enjoys her work, but not the smoke-filled environment she often works in, something she never encountered growing up in Southern California. She also blames the smoke for the asthma her boyfriend, a night manager at the same bar, has developed in recent years.

"It would be great," she said. "I'm in a position now where I have no control over it."

Selfish biatch, you could've always chosen a non-smoking establishment to work in to begin with, or even turned down the job in a smoking establishment for one in a completely non-smoking establishment, or even took a job at a business that would agree to letting you work in non-smoking areas at all times, and/or during non-smoking hours and shifts. Is free will and personal responsibility such a lost concept to a big enough minority in today's society? Sadly, I say yes.

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