Friday, July 30, 2010

poll over cruise ship eliminating a cigar bar, plus interesting comment

Been busy a few days, but have some time once again to post. I just caught this poll(thanks to a post jsidney made on the Smokers Club International board), and found the comments section interesting. A cruise ship wants to totally eliminate a cigar bar on a ship, just because of complaints from anal anti-smokers, and because it appears from a commenter or 2 on the comments section(maybe my initial suspicions of what's really causing the ship to strongly consider eliminating the cigar bar is off?!?) that it's supposedly underused.

You'd think that commenter had a great idea going there, by switching the location of the internet cafe(if that gets much more use than the cigar bar), and moving the cigar bar to that smaller room. Sheesh, what do I know though. Despite that I'm not a cigar smoker(but down the road, do want to try cigar smoking!), I think this ship would be absolutely crazy to get rid of their cigar lounge. Just my $0.02.

Poll and comment section, for anyone interested:

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