Saturday, July 24, 2010

horribly stupid Chicago Tribune editorial, 'Cancer on the Run'

I just want to know, why in the darn hell do they believe the garbage of the American Cancer Society, and COMPLETELY omit the fact that cancers NOT caused by smoking, or exposure to cigarette smoke is what's truly on the rise and needs to be fought? Yeah right, let's further demonize a minority that is beaten up enough, and regardless of how many cliffs we jump to further a failed movement to demonize smokers. Can't help every day but wish I could trade places with someone over the Indiana border and live in Northwest Indiana, since everyone from regular to social/infrequent cigarette or cigar smokers still has some level of freedom of choice there. (even if Crown Point and Valparaiso foolishly passed local bans that stopped short of a total ban, and Lowell may or may not decide to go through with a foolish proposal for a total ban).

It is absolutely inevitable that I will jump in on the comments section when I have more time, and make a few choice comments, mainly to the misguided anti poster Ill-INI08, besides talking about how foolish of an editorial this one is. It isn't lost on me that this was the same stupid paper that once editorialized against a student group at a suburban community college that wanted its administration to build smoking shelters, and of course did very ridiculous repeated editorials in 2007 asking state lawmakers to vote for the shameful Illinois state smoking ban. Almost forgot to finally say this COMPLETELY ignores all the Illinois businesses(often mom-and-pop bars, but it isn't always just that type of bar that does this to keep their doors open) that have to look the other way at our state smoking ban just to stay in business, stupidly congratulates Wisconsin for starting their state ban this month, but doesn't admit JUST 2 of 5 surrounding states were foolish enough to pass any sort of a state ban at all. (not to mention regular non-tribal casinos were exempted in Iowa, but not Illinois, where statewide casino revenue decreased over 20% between 2008 and 2009)

Finally, did I forget to mention this is why I refuse to purchase ANY copies of the Chicago Tribune, since they've arrogantly time and time again bullied those who freely choose to smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products? And for crying out loud, hookah smokers? (who of course usually smoke FAR less frequently than other types of tobacco users, like cigarettes, RYO, etc.) And I didn't even mention Japan has a higher smoking rate, AND a lower national rate of cancer throughout that country. Give me a break, Chicago Tribune!,0,1099262.story

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