Monday, July 26, 2010

unbelievable, from jred's blog: I didn't wake up happy at my hotel

This was an anti-smoking zealot that got unnecessarily upset, just because a person put in a reservation at an Extended Stay America hotel in Rhode Island, and they were sold out of non-smoking rooms. Just may I ask(like Michael McFadden's brilliant comment on the MSNBC article), how did these anti-smoking zealots live decades ago when NO hotels or motels at all designated any amount of rooms as non-smoking? And of course, if it was so important to have a no-smoking room, the person could've canceled the reservation right there, and asked for a refund right there, save whatever cancellation fees the person putting the reservation would've had to pay then. (disclaimer: I haven't had to make too many motel reservations in my life by myself(other than once), so I'm not 100% sure how getting a refund would work, if you go to the hotel and then suddenly decide you not want to stay there. maybe a blog visitor can better explain how canceling a hotel/motel reservation and getting a refund works)

I almost forgot to repost this story here, but here's the article:

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