Saturday, July 31, 2010

finally(!), I had time to post 2 comments to 'Cancer on the Run'

Here's my comment, responding to the editorial, Michael McFadden's comment, and So, this paper wrote this horribly dumb editorial, AFTER it endlessly wrote editorial after editorial in 2007 favoring the Illinois state smoking ban proposal, wrote repeated pompous editorials saying 'the ban was gonna save lives'(when it has NOT saved even 1 life in its 21/2 years its been in effect), and it's hurt so many businesses enough to the point that they have to ignore the law just to keep their doors open, and not lose their clientele for good? This editorial is just ridiculous, and like Michael McFadden very well said, it completely ignores the fact that MANY cases of cancer(I'll recon probably most cases don't develop from smoking) do NOT develop from a long-held smoking habit.

As for your comments Ill-INI08, your comments are laughable. How come there are many successful smokers who annually train for endurance races like marathons or bike races, and even usually outrace non-smokers? If you hate exposure to cigarette or cigar smoke, you always have had the freedom to not patronize smoking establishments, and patronize smoke-free businesses. In fact, a law allowing private establishments to permit smoking as long as they posted exterior signage stating their smoking policy is what Illinois should've passed, over the major failure of a law the Smoke-Free Illinois Act has been in the 21/2 years it's been effective.

Second comment, since I forgot a point I wanted to say on my first comment: Why does our country have a rising rate of cancer cases while America's smoking rate has more than halved downward from its peak, and Japan enjoys a lower nationwide cancer rate, DESPITE having a higher smoking rate? It's great to see an editorial that kisses up to the American Cancer Society's horribly misguided agenda. *sarcasm*

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