Saturday, July 24, 2010

interesting comment I found on a San Antonio smoking ban article

And this is one interestingly I didn't catch, when I read the article earlier. Anyway, it speaks volumes to what occurs when an entrepreneur can no longer legally cater to accomodating smoking customers inside, and this is one who has businesses(but unfortunately didn't specify the type of one he/she owns) in many communities throughout Texas, not just San Antonio:

"Unless you own a business that is to be affected by the proposed smoking ban, I would urge you to keep your opinion about economic impact to yourself. I do own a business, 19 of them, all over the State. I have been through smoking bans and have experienced the negative financial impact first hand. I have fired employees because of lost revenues. I order less product and therfore spend less with my vendors, vendors who rely on businesses such as mine. The existing impact studies are fatally flawed. They don't separate restaurants from bars, they don't even pulled the MB permits from new businesses. If you don't do that, of course they will show a positive trend. Again, I have lost one business in Houston and am poised to lose another, all because of smoking bans. If you don't believe we are in a recession, then pull your head out and look around. Small business can't take anymore. The loss of one job, is one to many. If you don't like smoke, stay out of the places that allow it. 97% of restaurants in San Antonio are already smoke free. You have plenty of choices. And, being over 18, you still have the right to make that choice."

By the way, this comment is from the very bottom of page 1(after clicking view all comments) of the article "Smoking ban protested" published July 6th on mySA:

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