Saturday, July 17, 2010

from myself(Allan), welcome visitors to my blog!

To kick off this blog, I'm posting a link to this clip of the South Park episode 'Butt Out', inspired by the fact that I've always been very passionate about smokers rights issues, but have never been more than a very infrequent smoker, except when socializing and/or drinking. For anyone who's never seen this episode of South Park, this was an episode where the boys greatly resent an anti-smoking campaign they see at South Park Elementary, and you probably know what happens from there on. :)

I badly need to create a fun sign off for each post, Anchorman-style(if anybody's ever seen that movie! always has been my absolute favorite Will Ferrell movie, and prob always will be). Maybe not Anchorman-style, but that's a debate for another time. But anyway, and thanks to my inspiration to post this great clip from Keep Saint Louis Free, enjoy this episode commentary:

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