Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a newspaper editorial calls for NKY Action and ban supporters to release the NKY ban draft proposal

The first article was written yesterday by blogger Paul McKibben, and the 2nd article was an editorial written today from the North Kentucky Enquirer calling for the latest draft of the 3-county NKY ban proposal to be made public immediately. I 100% support the call for it to be made public, not to mention hiding the proposal(except for ban proponents seeing the proposal) is a total violation of both Kentucky's open meetings law, and also their public records law. The editorial also makes a great mention of the fact when 2 competing proposals were put on the ballot in summer 2006 for the November 2006 Ohio statewide election, both state smoking ban proposals were made public before being put on the ballot.

Paul McKibben's blog entry mentioning the appalling secrecy of the draft proposal:

North Kentucky Enquirer's editorial calling for the draft to be publicly released:

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